Premier Athletic
Training Services

Premier Athletic Training Services (P.A.T.S.) was a vision of two friends, like brothers (Branden Joseph and Aaron Smith), who in 2013 decided to build a platform that would help combat the difficulties athletics were having in their community.

Our Services

Premier Athletic Training Services (P.A.T.S.) and Premier Safety & Mentoring Services host several events aimed at rebuilding our community, coaches and athletes.


Event Staff and   Mentoring Services

P.A.T.S. provides high level Event Staffing Services to Schools and Event Planners throughout the City of Milwaukee.   

P.A.T.S Middle School Showcases

P.A.T.S. Middle School Showcases are platforms where youth are able to showcase their talent in a very competitive atmosphere

P.A.T.S. Hoop Summit 2020

P.A.T.S. will be hosting their 3rd annual Hoops Summit in 2020 that will continue to bring the needs of the basketball community in Milwaukee

Premier 5

P.AT.S. will now assist with showcasing the talent of some of Milwaukee's top and upcoming student athletes though its weekly SpotLight platform 

1on1 Youth  Mentorship

Mentorship is the backbone of what the P.A.T.S. organization is all about and it's apart of every event and program 

Basketball Camps

Every year P.A.T.S. Staff host 2 or more basketball camps and operate youth events for other organizations statewide.


"As a parent, I've enjoyed watching my son, PJ, participate in the P.A.T.S. events. They are very well organized and you can take pride in that it brings the community together for something positive. Branden and Aaron know how to bring out the competitive nature in these kids and I love it" 

Prentice Young Sr.

Parent and Coach


How can P.A.T.S. Help?

Click the link below to ask for more information on other services that Premier Athletic Training Services provide or to discuss potential ways you can collaborate with us in our future endeavors.